Why and what's the point?

Welcome to MP3 Obsession.com, the mp3 download comparison site. Because we are obsessed with music, mp3's, tunes, sounds, whatever you prefer to call them. Whichever it is, we love it, so we want to bring the cheaper alternatives to buying a record, tape or old-age compact disk to as many people as we can.

We believe music should only ever be downloaded legally, especially when it can be bought online so cheaply - legally. It should be available to everyone at cheaper prices to prevent the illegal download music industry, full stop. But that's a whole other argument all together...

We just want to make sure that everyone who loves music as much as us is aware of just how cheaply songs can be bought and that not all websites offering downloads are low quality and out of tune cover songs by a dodgy boy band!

This site lists various mp3 download websites, each are grilled, destroyed and torn apart during our review process to bring you the best sites possible.

We are like your helpful neighbourhood watch guys, looking out for you when you need it. We cut through the rubbish to bring you only quality, legal, usable sites that don't charge ridiculous amounts for music.


Our reviews look at the site in general for its look, feel and usability. We review their music selection to make sure they aren't just offering 1920's fox-trot ballads. We also test their signing-up process, which can often be long, tiresome and boring. Too many questions about your inside leg measurement and not enough music downloading going on! Lastly we look at their 'top-up' and 'payment' section. A very important factor when picking which site to chose, we need to make sure they aren't selling your bank details to a guy down an alley for some low-alcohol vodka. See all our site reviews here

Not only do we review the sites, we also offer you over 1.5 million songs. So any track your little soul could ever wish for is more than likely on here. After you have searched for that long awaited track that you heard on the radio a while back, we will offer it to you from all the sites we have reviewed. This means you can see all sites that are offering the track and which is the cheapest so you can pick which site you want to buy from. Handy as the cheapest may not always be the best!

All sites list their prices in dollars, so if your living in the UK, this works out to be around 4p a track... have that itunes! If you live anywhere else not using the trusty dollar, these prices are still competitive and very cheap. The prices for tracks start at 9ยข and albums from around $1.08, so on average saving of 90% from companies such as itunes. This is because the good old Russians allow extremely low priced mp3's to be sold worldwide - legally.

Not sure how much this works out to be? Use our currency converter here

Site Features

MP3 Obsession also lists the latest releases in the charts, all new hot additions and have full bio's on each and every artist you can think of. All songs downloaded are compatible with iTunes (after we complain about their prices!) and windows media player which makes them accessible to everyone! If you need help on how to make our songs work on your iPod, check out the iTunes help guide here.

We also list a summary of all site vitals in our comparison table This makes it easier to see which sites offer you which bits an pieces without reading the whole review. Think of it as a quick guide to all the sites that you can use before you give any of them your hard earned cash.

And as with every good thing in this world, we have a page full of offers that companies are giving to get you to use them rather than the next best site. This is another useful page brought to you by the music freaks at mp3 obsession.

We hope you have fun on the site and if you get stuck, need help or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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