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So it's been a while since we've had a shake up of the mp3 sites we review here. Lots has changed in the last few months. So what's new?

We've added two brand new sites, Payplay and Mediasack.

First up, Mediasack. Why do we love it? Well they offer movie downloads too, which is pretty awesome. One place for all your media, one account to top up and one place to download from. Sounds easy to us! They haven't sacrificed anything to offer both music and movies, they have over 4,200,000 mp3 tracks and over 12,660 movies. So if you can't find what you want on the site, you're probably going to have trouble finding it elsewhere too.

You can read our full Mediasack review here, or head over to for a review of the movie side of things.
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After some free music over the Christmas period? Well, up until December 31st, MelodiShop are offering up to a massive $250 free!

Getting the free credit is easy; the more you top up over Christmas, the more free credit you will receive. So, what exactly are the offers?

If you top up $30, you will get an extra $30 added to your balance.

If you top up $50, you will get an extra $75 added to your balance.

Or if you top up $100, you will get a huge $250 added to your balance for free!

Remember, these offers will not be available after December 31st so grab them while you can!
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New Site from MP3va
MP3va have always been one of our favourite sites, but the site has been upgraded once again today, with a new design and a massive 10TB of extra music. That's 10,000gb for those of you who know what a gb is. For everyone else, that's about 625 iPods full of music!

This brings their previous mp3 track count of just 1 million to well over 3.5 million. That's a lot of music! They have added both old and new stuff, making the site once of the largest.

The new design is nice too, it's a lot cleaner than the last one. Much easier to use and various ways to browse are just two of the improvements.

Head over to MP3va now to check out the new site and bigger library for yourself!
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We've never rated GoMusicNow very highly because of the massive number of customer complaints we recieve about them. Today is yet another example of why we don't recommend them.

The site is down once again. When this has happened in the past, the site is usually unavailable for a few days, even weeks. Not to mention the fact that their domain name changes once every few years.

So once more, our advice to our visitors is to avoid this site. It's more trouble than it's worth. It seems to be down more than it's up and we receive constant emails about the site not responding to emails and enquiries about various matters.

There are plenty of mp3 download sites to use, so why pick a bad one?
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Download Live Music
Do you love live music? Are festivals, gigs, and concerts your thing? Well you're going to love MP3Caprice.

Unlike other mp3 sites we review here, MP3 Caprice offer something a little bit different. A whole section of their site is dedicated to live music mp3s. And best of all, it's really cheap. MP3s on the site cost just 12¢ each, so an album packed with live music will usually cost around a dollar.

The live music section is lacking a search box however, so if you're after something, you'll need to browse through, but there is so much there, you're bound to find something you want. You can, of course, use the sites normal search facility but this will search all music, not just the live albums.

Another great feature of the site is the song preview. If you find an album you want to download, you can listen to a short, low-quality preview of each song before you pay for the download. This means you can see if it's the right song before you pay.

So, if you're after live music, take a look at MP3Caprice.
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MP3 Sale is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

As a general rule, free mp3 download sites are illegal. Limewire, Kazaa, Pirate Bay, the list goes on. So it's nice when a site offers some free songs; without the illegal part. And that's exactly what MP3Sale are offering. All you need to do is sign up. So there is a catch I hear you say! Well, actually, no. Signing up is free, takes about 3 seconds and you don't have to give over any bank account details, credit card info or anything else you don't want to. Just pick a username, password and input your email address. Once you get the email, click the confirmation link and 10 free songs are added to your account. Head over to MP3Sale now to grab this offer for yourself now.
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SoundsBox Bonus
MP3Obsession are no longer supporting SoundsBox. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

SoundsBox are currently running a special offer where you can get $50 for free when you top up with $50. That's a 100% bonus! And the free credit that gets added to your account doesn't expire, it is all yours to use as you like to download whatever music you want. Check out the offer at SoundsBox for yourself!
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MP3Obsession are no longer supporting MP3Splash. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Skyline, one of our favorite sites, is now closed to new members. If you have an account with MP3Skyline, don't worry, because unlike MP3Panda, existing customers have not lost their money and had their accounts deleted! Try signing up to MP3Skyline now and you will see this: MP3Splash is the replacement if you want to sign up now, a much better looking site we think! Prices are the same, the tracks are the same, just a new place to go.
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MP3 Panda, after increasing and decreasing their track prices, and offering a free album and then not offering a free album, have finally closed.

The site is still active if you visit it, but try to sign up and you will see this:

This is directing visitors to MP3 Eagle, the replacement for MP3 Panda. However, given the companies track record, we would steer well clear. MP3 Panda was the replacement site for a much older site, The site closed, users lost money and new users were sent to The same has happened again.

Our advice... use someone else, someone that's been around a long time, has a good history, people like to use and are going to last. Someone like MP3Million is our recommendation.

If you did have money on the MP3 Panda account and have lost it, try sending them an email, but it doesn't look hopeful. And definitely don't sign up to MP3 Eagle!
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MP3Obsession are no longer supporting MP3Skyline and Legalsounds are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Skyline have changed the mp3 prices on their website recently to just 11¢ a song. This makes them the second cheapest after LegalSounds at 9¢.So what are the difference between MP3kyline and LegalSounds? Who should you use?1. MP3Skyline have a lot more music, with 4,145,970 where as LegalSounds only have 3,364,421. 2. MP3Skyline's minimum top up is just $13.95, LegalSounds is much higher at $25.00.3. Both sites offer a download manager, making downloading music easier than sites that do not offer a manager.4. LegalSounds offer audiobooks, MP3Skyline don't yet. 5. LegalSounds give you the US Top 40 for free when you register. MP3Skyline do not offer a registration bonus.To read more about both LegalSounds and MP3Skyline, check them our on our review table.
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