Annual Unlimited MP3 Download Service

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This is a popular question, where can I get unlimited mp3 downloads for a whole year for a fixed fee? Well, luckily for us, MP3Fiesta are offering a great deal at the moment, where you can do just that! There are two options, a Gold  Annual Unlimited subscription, this will cost you just $149.95 for a year of unlimited mp3 downloads, or the second option, the Platinum Lifetime Unlimited subscription, this will cost you $249.95 for a lifetime of unlimited mp3 downloads from the site. Both of these subscriptions will also give you some free movie downloads from their movie partner site, MovieBerry. The Gold account gives you 15 free movies, the Platinum account gives you 25 free movies. To find out more about MovieBerry, visit Visit with MP3Fiesta or MovieBerry now to see more about the sites and what they offer.
Posted on 05-02-2010 

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