MP3Skyline Price Reduction

MP3Obsession are no longer supporting MP3Skyline and Legalsounds are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Skyline have changed the mp3 prices on their website recently to just 11¢ a song. This makes them the second cheapest after LegalSounds at 9¢.So what are the difference between MP3kyline and LegalSounds? Who should you use?1. MP3Skyline have a lot more music, with 4,145,970 where as LegalSounds only have 3,364,421. 2. MP3Skyline's minimum top up is just $13.95, LegalSounds is much higher at $25.00.3. Both sites offer a download manager, making downloading music easier than sites that do not offer a manager.4. LegalSounds offer audiobooks, MP3Skyline don't yet. 5. LegalSounds give you the US Top 40 for free when you register. MP3Skyline do not offer a registration bonus.To read more about both LegalSounds and MP3Skyline, check them our on our review table.
Posted on 29-11-2010 

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