Goodbye to MP3 Panda

MP3 Panda, after increasing and decreasing their track prices, and offering a free album and then not offering a free album, have finally closed.

The site is still active if you visit it, but try to sign up and you will see this:

This is directing visitors to MP3 Eagle, the replacement for MP3 Panda. However, given the companies track record, we would steer well clear. MP3 Panda was the replacement site for a much older site, The site closed, users lost money and new users were sent to The same has happened again.

Our advice... use someone else, someone that's been around a long time, has a good history, people like to use and are going to last. Someone like MP3Million is our recommendation.

If you did have money on the MP3 Panda account and have lost it, try sending them an email, but it doesn't look hopeful. And definitely don't sign up to MP3 Eagle!
Posted on 20-04-2011 

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