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Do you love live music? Are festivals, gigs, and concerts your thing? Well you're going to love MP3Caprice.

Unlike other mp3 sites we review here, MP3 Caprice offer something a little bit different. A whole section of their site is dedicated to live music mp3s. And best of all, it's really cheap. MP3s on the site cost just 12¢ each, so an album packed with live music will usually cost around a dollar.

The live music section is lacking a search box however, so if you're after something, you'll need to browse through, but there is so much there, you're bound to find something you want. You can, of course, use the sites normal search facility but this will search all music, not just the live albums.

Another great feature of the site is the song preview. If you find an album you want to download, you can listen to a short, low-quality preview of each song before you pay for the download. This means you can see if it's the right song before you pay.

So, if you're after live music, take a look at MP3Caprice.
Posted on 10-06-2011 

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