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MP3Fiesta's Charts
MP3 Fiesta is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Fiesta is full of new music and always improving and adding more tracks. They are also kept very up-to-date, with the charts changing every week.If you're after some new tracks or just want to see what's been released, make sure you take a look at MP3Fiesta.
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mp3mixxMP3Mixx has got loads of great features on the site; bestselling albums, world top albums, new additions their their library as well as US charts, UK charts, Europe charts and the World charts. The site also lists the popular charts, consisting of all the popular music that's being downloaded from the site.

You can also browse by artists and genres too, making the site really nice to spend time on. You can get lost in the menus and pages for hours and not even know it!

Songs are just 15¢ each on the site, so you can grab yourself a load of music for not a lot of cash! Head over to MP3Mixx now to make the most of the track prices.
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LegalSounds is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

Registering with LegalSounds has more than one benefit; not only does it allow to access to over 2,134,025 mp3 tracks at just 9¢ each, once you've signed up and confirmed your email address, LegalSounds give you the current US Top 40 songs to download for free too, a little thanks for registering.Great news! So you've got yourself 40 singles before you've even spent a single cent of your own account balance. Now that's the kind of mp3 download sites we're looking for!LegalSounds doesn't just give you bonuses when you join; you can also get up to 500 free songs when you top up your account. How do I get that you ask? Well here's a breakdown of what you gotta do to get different amounts of free tracks:Top up $39.00 to get 50 free songs, Top up $50.00 to get 80 free songs, Top up $100.00 to get 200 free songs or Top up a massive $200.00 to get 500 free songs.Of course, the more you spend, the more they give you, but if you like LegalSounds and want to use it download music in the future, it may well be worth putting on a little more to get the freebies.
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Both MP3xclusive and MP3 Skyline are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3 Skyline & MP3xclusive have been improving their site a lot lately, little changes here and there have made both of them into great, easy-to-use, cheap music download sites.However, something they specialise in seems to be genres of music. They list every and any genre you can think of. Genres we've never even heard of... but we don't get out too much, so it's not a surprise!We get lots of emails asking which site offers the best selection and the harder-to-find music and we think it has to be these guys. Not only do they offer an awful lot of songs, with over 3,387,120 to download, they offer loads of genres too. SO if you're after something out of the ordinary, check out what these sites can offer:Abient, darkwave, meditative, avantgarde, noise, blues, breaks, breakbeat, oldschool, lassical, opera, symphony, dance, club, drum'n'bass, jungle, electronic, freestyle, synthpop, ethnic, latin, chanson, jpop, house, garage, progressive, indie rock, idm, industrial, jazz, swing, jazz-funk, lo-fi, lounge, trip-hop, new age, instrumental, oldies, retro, revival, pop music, psychedelic, goa trance, r&b, rhythm and blues, rap, hip-hop, reggae, dub, dance hall, rock music, soundtrack, anime, game, soul, funk, disco, techno, acid and trance.That should keep you busy, if you can't find what you want here, try the other mp3 download sites we review here. Happy downloading!
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MP3va's New Albums
MP3va have added a load of new albums to their site over the last week, so if you're after the latest tracks, want to know what's new or are just after inspiration, check out MP3va for ideas.Here's a few of the new albums you can get from the site. Visit MP3va for loads more...

Cheryl Cole3 Words
2009, Album
RihannaHot Wet & Sexy
2009, Album
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iPodsDownloading music is easy; just google for 5 minutes and you will have found 40 sites offering cheap music, unlimited mp3 downloads and various other bits and bobs. However, if you need a bit help finding the best cheap site, we can help. Check out our site comparison page. where we list the cheapest, safest sites to get music from.

Once you've found a site that suits your needs, you can jump in and start downloading music. However, getting the music onto your iPod can be tough if you don't have a clue what your doing. Even if you do have a clue, sometimes a push in the right direction is more than useful.

Downloading Music
The way in which you download music from all of the sites we review here is very similar; browse for the music you want, select the albums and/or tracks you want and then click 'download', 'buy selected', 'purchase selected' or something else fairly simple.
Once you've done that, the music is normally moved to a section of the site called 'My Downloads' or 'Downloads'. Inside here, you will find all the music you have downloaded. However, you now need to get the music from the website to your PC.
There will be another download button, click this and you will be given a pop up box where you will need to choose if you want to open or save the file. Always choose save.

Where to save music
Saving music in the right place is important if you want to use it in iTunes so you can copy it across to your iPod.
First of all, find your 'My Documents' or 'My Music' folder. If you can't find 'My Music', it might be inside the 'My Documents' folder.
Inside 'My Music', you will find 'iTunes'. Inside there, you will see another folder called 'iTunes Media'. Open this up and inside there should be another folder called 'Automatically Add to iTunes'. Open this folder up and in here, put any music that you want to be added to iTunes.
So when you're downloading from a music site and you're asked where you want to save the music to, navigate to this folder and save everything in there.

What if it all goes wrong?
If you're anything like us, when you next go to the 'Automatically Add to iTunes' folder and find it empty, you will think it's all broken, gone wrong and everything is going to blow up! Well relax, 'cause it's not!
iTunes is clever; it does exactly what the folders title says; anything inside that folder automatically gets added to your iTunes library and is organised for you. How helpful is that?!

Hopefully that will help some of you who needed a bit of guidance. If anyone gets stuck, has any other, or even better, methods of doing this, please feel free to comment, contact us, or just carry on with your day-today life, whichever you chose, good luck and happy downloading!
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Halloween is almost here and MP3va have spruced up their site for the occasion with a new pumpkin logo!

That's why we love these guys, they aren't afraid to make silly changes to the site to make it more interesting. Nice one guys!

On another note, Halloween is less than a week away, so if you're having a party, a spooky night in, or you just want some to get into the festive mood, you have to have the right music mix playing for it to be a success! That and a few horror movies here and there!

Here's a list of our favourite and spookiest Halloween songs of all time to download:

Ghostbusters (track 3)
Abracadabra (track 2)
Don't Fear The Reaper (track 7)
Evil Woman (track 1)
Feed My Frankenstein (track 8)
Black Magic Woman (track 5)
I Put A Spell On You (track 9)

Remember, all the above tracks are just each, so you can get a whole playlist really cheaply. Have a great Halloween and don't scare yourself too much!
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MP3va's New Offer
It's been a while since MP3va have offered anything for free, but they are running another offer for today only, where you can get up to $120.00 free.

You can get the free credit when you top up your account with them. Get this offer while you can, it will expire by the end of the day so make the most if it now.

Here's what you can get:

Top up with $30.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $15.00 on your account
Top up with $50.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $50.00 on your account, doubling your money
Top up with $100.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $120.00 on your account, more than the amount you deposit!

These deals are not to be missed! If you've got the cash to put on more than the minimum $15.00 top up on your account, today is the day to do it because you can get yourself a very good deal.

mp3va offers
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Both MP3xclusive and MP3 Skyline are now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

skyline&xclusive MP3 Skyline and MP3xclusive are one of the cheapest mp3 download sites on the web, with songs at just 15¢ each, but both sites have always lacked album art. New albums had covers, but the homepage always looked very dull as all covers were missing. Well it seems they have changed all this, with both sites now having cover art on every single album. And the sites look great! This is such a small change, but makes the site a lot easier to use, navigate around and spend time on! Visit MP3 Skyline or MP3xclusive to see the changes for yourself.
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If you've used mp3 download sites before, you'll know that quality can vary a lot between tracks and albums. If you're new to the world of mp3 downloads, it can be pretty confusing!

So what is mp3 quality?

MP3 quality is measured in kilobits per second (kbps). The higher the number, the better the quality. 

What's good and bad?

The highest quality an mp3 can be is 320kbps - this is above CD quality and is very good.
MP3s that are at 128kbps are at CD quality and once again, very good.
Tracks that are at 96kbps are considered to be 'near CD' quality and are still good.
Anything below this isn't great quality.

Sites offering good quality:

  • MP3Mixx - between 192-320kbps, so very good again
  • MP3Million - between 184-320kbps, very good quality
  • MP3va - between 168-320kbps which is good quality
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