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MP3 Panda is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

For today only, you can get Mika's new album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, for free.To claim your free copy, you will need to be registered with MP3 Panda. Don't worry though, this is free to do and you don't have to give over a million and one details about yourself.Once you've signed up, you can get the album from the homepage. Just click download and it's all yours.
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Try Before You Buy
With so many places on the internet to get music from, it's hard to decide who to give you cash to and where to download music from. There are also loads of comparison sites, this being one of them, telling you the best place to go. But what music sites are really any good?

Personally, we recommend any site that allows you to try their service out before requiring even a cent money from you. This way you know exactly what you're getting yourself in for and if you're going to get your moneys worth.

So where can you try before you buy?

We review over 30 sites here, but not all of them allow you to try the service. For example, one of our favourite sites, MP3 Mixx, is great for downloading music, it has a huge music archive and is very cheap, however, you have to deposit money before you can download any songs.

There are several sites that do give you a chance to try them out:

Each of these sites give you an allocation of music for free when you register so that you can play with the site and get a feel for what they are like before you add money.

For full details of what each site gives you, check out the individual reviews of each site or visit the offers page.

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New Site Review
We've found yet another mp3 download site to review, AllTunes .

This site is different from the others because it is software, not website based. It is still being reviewed as you're reading this, so check out some reviews of other sites while you wait:

MP3 Million
MP3 Caprice

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Wednesday Bonus
Tomorrow, you can bag up to €150.00 free from MP3Million. The offer is running tomorrow and every Wednesday after, so get it while you can. If you miss it, there's always next week!

Here's exactly what you can get from the site:

Top up €30.00 and they will give you €30.00, making your balance €60.00

Top up €50.00 and they will give you €70.00, making your balance €120.00

Top up €75.00 and they will give you €150.00, making your balance €225.00

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Sky TV are the latest in a long line of companies joining the mp3 download battle. They have launched a new service, Sky Songs that claims to offer over 4 million tracks to buy or stream from the site.

The site looks good, but lacks the basic features of any decent music download site; there are no charts, no new releases, no hot additions, nothing to catch your eye and make you want to download music.

Searching for music is easy and accessible, with good results, but personally, we prefer sites have got a little more going on, sites that give us a little inspiration, tell us what's new and fresh and what's popular. Sites like MP3va or MP3Million do this with ease and make downloading music from them and using their site enjoyable rather than just a place to get music.

However, like most of the big companies offering music downloads, the price is a big disappointment. Tracks cost 65p and albums cost a staggering &#pound;6.49. We wouldn't pay that much for an album in a music store, nevermind a download.

Streaming isn't great either. If you're not registered, you get to listen to just a 30 second preview of any song. OK, so we thought we would register to at least listen to some music if not download it... but it's not that simple.

There are two options with Sky Songs:
- Pay &#pound;6.49 per month to get one album or 10 songs and unlimited streaming.
- Pay &#pound;7.99 per month to get one album or 15 songs and unlimited streaming.

The more expensive package costs &#pound;1.50 extra and all you're getting is for 5 extra songs. If you use a mp3 download site like MP3va, 5 songs will cost you 75¢, which is about 46p. You can work out the rest...

Once you've registered and are paying a monthly fee to listen to music, anything you want to download and actually keep costs you extra on top of that. Sounds like a bit of a poor deal to us.

So what alternatives are there?
Well we've mentioned three sites above that you could use instead, but there are lots more. Check out our MP3 Site Comparison for other sites that can offer you mp3s for as little as $0.05, which is about 3p (yes, just 3p, that's not a mistype).
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MP3 Panda is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3 Panda's free album today is Little Boots, Hands.You can download the album for free from the MP3 Panda homepage, you just need to register, which is free and you're done.
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All the sites we review here offer cheap mp3 songs, deals to get free credit, free albums etc, but the none of them really offer an unlimited package of any sort. Until now.

MP3Million offers a monthly service, where you pay an amount to get a certain number of downloads, but it's still not the unlimited thing we've been craving.

Here's a reminder of MP3Million's service:
€20 a month gets you 500 downloads, working out at 4¢ a song 
€50 a month gets you 1500 downloads, working out at 3¢ a song

So what site can really give you an unlimited service?

MP3va is the newest site we have reviewed here and also (along with MP3 Million) the cheapest, with songs at just 10¢ each.

However, their mp3 songs price aside, they offer a completely unlimited service, where you pay $74.95 to get unlimited songs for a whole year.

That works out to be $6.24 a month. That seems like a very good deal to us! No other site we review offers such a good service, so if you're serous about music downloading, MP3Fiesta is worth a look.

Click here to visit MP3va so you can get started downloading music right away.

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MilliSong's Charts
Millisong is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

millisong chartsMilliSong might not be the best looking site, but it is jam-packed with music, new releases, albums and of course, the massive main feature on the homepage. One more feature these guys have on the homepage is the Charts.They may not offer as many charts as MP3va, but they do have the more popular charts. This includes the USA Top 100, the UK Top 75, the Canada Top 100, the European Top 49 and the MilliSong Top 100.Songs on the site vary between 14¢ and 20¢, so you can get yourself a good bargain if you use the site. Head over to MilliSong now to see if there is something for you to download!
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All the sites we review here offer large selection of music to download, but who offers the most? And is it really important?

We think it is a very important part of a websites vital information. A site may offer very cheap music mp3s to download, but offer very few songs, so topping up with them would be a bit of a waste as they don't actually have enough music to cater for what you want.

So before you decide to who to download your cheap mp3 songs from, it's worth checking not only how big a sites music archive is, but also if they have the type of music you like.

So who's got what to offer?

Site Music Archive Track Price
MP3va  1,289,845 15¢
MP3Million  2,618,564 €0.10 (approx. 14¢)
MP3Mixx  3,000,000 15¢

Remember, this number is always increasing, with the sites adding both old and new music all the time. So before you download from just anyone based on mp3 price, check out the size of the music libraries too.

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MP3Fiesta is now closed. Please take a look at our comparison page for some alternatives.

MP3Fiesta offer a free download manager on the site that makes downloading music from them very quick and easy. With the manager, you can queue mp3s for download, pause downloads, restart downloads if you lose your internet connection and browse the site a lot faster than normal. To get the downloader, click on the icon on the homepage and you'll be taken to the download area.To download the manager, right-click on the 'setup.exe' file and save it to your PC.Once it's saved, open it up and follow the on-screen instructions: Accept the terms and conditions of the service by clicking 'I Agree' Before the manager installs, you have the option to install the 'MP3 Search Bar'. This is added to Internet Explorer, Firefox or both and allows you to search the MP3Fiesta site for music whilst browsing any other site on the web. Once you decided if you want the mp3 bar or not, click next and your manager will be installed and ready to go. It looks just like the site, all your account info is there and any downloads, it's just a lot easier to use: If you get stuck with the manager, give us a shout and we will do what we can to help out. Happy downloading!
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