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The scoop on AllTunes

AllTunes is different from other sites we review here. Rather than being web based and customers downloading music from the site, you need to download the AllTunes software before you can do anything. This isn't ideal for many people, it puts a few restrictions on what you can do. For example, if you're away from your own pc, at work or college, you can't download music because you would need to download the software first.

The cost of music from AllTunes is unacceptable; it is better than sites like iTunes and Amazon, but still very expensive compared to the other sites we review. Tracks start at 15¢ and go up to 25¢. This is 10 - 20¢ more per track than our recommended site, MP3 Million.

Our Verdict:

Other sites can offer you a lot more for a much cheaper price. Without having to download software to do it. Check out the other sites we review on our mp3 site comparison as an alternative to the AllTunes site.

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