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Why we like Amazon

The site is good, easy and quick to download mp3s from. They also offer more tracks than all other sites.

The scoop on Amazon

Amazon have branched out from books and DVD's and are now offering a mp3 music download service. But what's it really like? Well, after a few hours of using it, we have to say there are other sites we would rather use instead of this.

Firstly, they recommend you download their 'Amazon MP3 Downloader' to get songs from their site onto your pc which is fine, but what if you're using dial-up or have 3G broadband with limitations, it leaves you a bit stuck. We don't want to have to download something that isn't necessary. If we're going to download anything from the site, we want it to be music! The downloader is a bit of a pain to use once you have it too, definitely more hassle than it's worth!

Songs may be cheap on Amazon compared to the old days of buying CD's, but compare it to the rest of the sites on the web and you see that it's actually rather expensive. MP3Million for example, offer mp3 songs for just 10¢ each. You don't need any math qualifications to work out which site is giving you the better deal!

Our Verdict:

A great competitor to the mighty iTunes, and they are doing well. However, they just aren't as cheap as other sites on the web. We could promote this site to you a lot more, but then we wouldn't be a price comparison site. The fact of the matter is there are cheaper sites on the web doing the same thing as Amazon for a fraction of the price. To see the sites we recommend over Amazon, check out the reviews page.

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