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CDonPC is by far the most confusing site we have ever come across. So many other music download sites on the web are a million times easier to use than this. Firstly, it looks like it should be selling software or business books, not music. The site is impossible to navigate around and automatically loads up in Russian. This wouldn't normally be one of our complaints, but it's not immediately obvious where the language change button is.

After registration, finding where to add funds to your account is another impossibility. Instead of with all the other account menus, it's on the left and took a lot longer to find that we would have liked. Just let us download music already! Once we found it, we were told:

This page is under reconstruction. Please, don't refer to technical service.

How polite! Maybe this has been lost in translation, but either way, just like Music MP3, a site with payment problems is one to avoid all together. Finding music on the site is another challenge. One that we just don't feel is necessary on a music site. They've made it way too complex.

Our Verdict:

If this site was cheap, we might be able to bare it, but they just don't stand out at all. Not that you can buy from them at the moment anyway even if you wanted to! We think the site may have just been abandoned, it feels like a ghost town, the 'new releases' are from the beginning of 2008 and they aren't taking payments. Watch this space for the 'closed down' bill board!

Using a different site is a high recommendation here. We think MP3 Million is the next best thing, the site is easy to use, easy to buy from, really safe and has loads of new albums being added all the time. And that's what we love on the web! Check out the reviews page for our favorite sites.

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