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The scoop on GoMusicNow

GoMusicNow is the replacement for an older site, GoMusic.ru. However, it is another one of the not-so-great sites on the web. This sites seems to always be having problems which doesn't make it a particularly good music download site and as such, we strongly recommend you use another mp3 site to get your music from.

Go Music doesn't offer nearly enough songs to compete with bigger sites. Not to mention their customer service. It is worse than poor. They just do not respond. It makes us wonder if anyone is on the other end of these sites. We wouldn't want these guys having our bank account details even if you paid us for it! Check out the reviews page for our favourite sites.

Other sites like MP3va and MP3Million are hardly ever down, so GoMusic really haven't got an excuse for their sites reliability.

Our Verdict:

Another site trying to offer music and failing miserably. If you're here looking for the best site to download music, check out the reviews page for our favourite sites.

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