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Why we like iTunes

iTunes offer lot of songs!

The scoop on iTunes

iTunes is probably the most well known mp3 download service on the web. That's doesn't mean it's the best though. In fact, it's far from. iTunes charge between 79p and 99p for a track, depending on how popular the song or album is. Or in other words, the price increases so that they can make more money by putting the price of chart music up.

Our Verdict:

Other sites on the web charge flat rates for their music and do not base the price on how popular a track is or how many copies they are going to sell. Other sites also charge a lot less to begin with. MP3va, one of the most expensive sites we review, charge 15¢ a song, and MP3Million, the cheapest site we review, charge just 10¢ a song. So iTunes prices really can't be justified. Our advice, use a cheaper site. You'll get a lot more for your money and you know how much you're paying.

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