LedokolMP3Search Review

The scoop on LedokolMP3Search

LedokolMP3Search is the new and improved version of a now closed site, MP3 Search. However, this site has now also closed down and no replacement has popped up yet.

MP3Fund.com looks suspiciously like the old MP3Search and GoMusic sites, so maybe that's it, but who knows. Either way, a site that keeps closing and changing names is one to avoid.

Our Verdict:

An ok looking site, shame about the people behind it. We highly recommend you use another site instead, MP3 Million is cheaper, has a larger music library, the site works (always a bonus) and has outstanding customer service! Check out the reviews page for our favorite sites and other sites you might like instead of LedokolMP3Search.

Comments about LedokolMP3Search:

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