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Media Club is the most confusing site we've seen on the web! More of a concern though is just how many albums they don't have. Most albums you go to say:

This album is unavailable. We're working to obtain license from related rights owner.

How dodgy does that sound?! Makes for a well designed usable site...

It took a good 10-15 minutes of trawling through Media Club before we came across an album that we were able to download. And you know what? It's so blooming confusing we gave up after finding just one! There are icons everywhere, with no description of what they mean.

Our Verdict:

It's really not worth wasting your time or money on this site when there are a million better ones out there. MP3va and MP3 Million are just two we can think of that offer a far better service, with great customer support, cheap music, safe payment systems and loads of other perks that Media Club is badly lacking. Check out the reviews page for our favorite sites.

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