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MelodiShop's website is full of music, old and new, so there is something for everyone on there. There are charts, genres, soundtracks and loads more to get your teeth into. Our Verdict: Huge music collection, loads of choice and a good, cheap site too!

Signing Up

Registering with MelodiShop takes a few seconds, you just need to give your email address and a password and you're ready to go. After signing up, MelodiShop give you 4 Free Songs & 30¢ so you can get started on the site.

Payment Options and Offers

MelodiShop accepts Visa or MasterCard as payment methods and it's all safe and secure. They do not take any unauthorized payments. The minimum top up is $20.00, this amount applies every time you want to top up your account. However, as with most websites, if you top up more, you can get some extra credit.

Top up $30 and get $30 for free, top up $50 and get $100 for free or top up $100 and get $300 for free.

Special deals, updates and all other site offers can be seen on our Offers page.


Prices on MelodiShop are 10¢ per track throughout the site. Album prices vary depending on how many tracks are on the album, but will never cost you more than a few dollars. MelodiShop offer a discount on their album price of 20%.

Music Selection

MelodiShop's music selection is very good, it has both old and new and is always being added to. The site has over 4,000,000 tracks to date and this goes up and up each day. If you can't find something on the site, you can request it under the 'My Requests' section of the site. This can take up to 4 days, but they will add any music you request. The site also allows you to preview music before you purchase it. You can decide in your profile settings if you want low-quality 60 second length previews of songs or high quality 30 second previews.

Search Facility

MelodiShop's search facility works well; it will find what you ask for. The results are clear; it lists artists, albums and tracks. Once you have found what you want, it's easy enough to download. Click 'Download' and you will be shown how much credit it will use and how much you'll be left with. Click OK and the song will start downloading to your device. Once again, you can download whole albums or just single tracks if you prefer.

File formats & Bitrates

All music from MelodiShop is in mp3 format. The quality of mp3s is 320kbps, which is very good for an mp3 download. See full descriptions of: DRM Free Music and Quality

Will it work with my iPod/iTunes?

Yes it will. All cheap mp3s downloaded from MelodiShop will work with your iPod, iTunes, iPhone and anything else you can think of. They will also work with other Media Players and devices like Windows Media Player, Winamp etc. Read how to put you're downloads into your iTunes Library here: iTunes Guide.

Just music?

Yes, MelodiShop just offer music.

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