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MilliSong have got a nice bold site, with loads of albums on the homepage, the site is fairly new; it's been up and running since 2007, but has recently under-gone a makeover with a new design. However, we have recently been receiving more and more complaints about the website.

Customers have been unable to top up their accounts with any more money, meaning they cannot download any more music and have had to use alternative sources for their music. There have also been lots of reports of broken downloads; songs that download fine but stop half way through or don't play at all.

But that's not all, the site seems to be down a lot more than it is up and working, with registration errors, download errors and a whole host of other problems. It's because of all these reasons that has decided to stop supporting If you were thinking of using MilliSong, we strongly advise against it, there are far better more reputable alternatives, take a look at our comparison page for the best of the bunch.

Our verdict:

A site with great potential, they just need a lot of work before we can trust them again.

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