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MP3 Shake looks unfinished as a music download site. Compare it to sites like MP3va and MP3Million and it leaves a lot to be desired. The half completed design aside and the site isn't up to the job as well as others. Songs are each, which admittedly is a lot cheaper than places like iTunes, but when MP3va offer songs for a lot less, you can see why others sites are better than MP3 Shake.

The sites charts are very out-of-date and they offer just over songs to download. If we compare this to another site, MP3 Mixx, who offer over 3,000,000 tracks, MP3 Shake really has got a lot of improvements to make before it can be considered as an alternative to iTunes or as your regular music download site.

Our Verdict:

A site that has got a long long way to go to catch up with the bigger better sites on the web. If you're going to get music from a website, MP3 Shake is not the place to be looking. It's too expensive, has a tiny library of songs and is really difficult to use. Other sites do the job a load better. Check out the reviews page for our favorite sites.

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